Chainsaw Carvings in Haliburton

My name is Rich Hevesi and I’ve recently started chainsaw carving after some inspiration over the past few years by Walter Vanderwindt and his killer carvings!   I live in the Haliburton Highlands in Ontario and luckily there is no shortage of carving supplies around here.

What am I using for gear?

  • I’m running a couple saws as my main carving saws, a stihl MS170 and an echo cs-370.  I much prefer the echo over the stihl, its got more power, WAY LESS vibrations and you don’t have to fill it up ever 15 minutes.
  • Next up would be the 50cc range, where Ive got an older stihl 260 with the stock bar (its more of a firewood saw then anything), and recently picked up an Echo CS-490.  Ive got a 16″ Quarter tip Cannon bar on it, and running 1/4″ chain. Ive got to say, I LOVE this setup.   It certainly speeds things up over the 30-35cc saws, and the 490 is only 10lbs.  For the price, you really can’t beat the echo’s
  • Running a big badass saw for the big cuts once in a while.  A 90cc Stihl MS-661, Love this saw, its a beast.
  • A Rockwell Jawhorse, ESSENTIAL tool to hold the logs, dunno what I would do without this.
  • Makita Die Grinder(s)
  • Multiple Bosh grinders with sanding disc’s
  • Various other stuff